2014 Reserve your Turkey

2014 Reserve your Turkey




•8-12 lbs  • $7/lb

•12-16 lbs  •  $5.49/lb

•16-22 lbs   •  $5.49/lb


This year we are offering two breeds: Broad-breasted Bronze and Narragansett. They are from two local WI producers- Nami Moon Farm and Nine Patch Farm. They are all raised on pasture, and are hormone & antibiotic-free. The breed is based on the size bird you choose. 


Pricing starts with a $50 deposit. Final payment at time of pickup will reflect the respective bird's price-per-pound weighed price, less the fifty dollar deposit.


Birds are pick-up only.  Choose your pick-up date after choosing your size bird. Pick-up at Underground Butcher. Brine kits will be available for purchase in store.

UNDERGROUND BUTCHER • 811 Williamson St Madison, WI

MON - FRI: 10AM - 8PM

SAT: 9AM - 8PM • SUN: 9AM - 6PM

IMPORTANT. We will do our best to honor special requests, but the likelihood is low that we will be able to fulfill them. We are honoring requests first come, first serve, on the date that you choose. If you have a specific weight you are aiming for, we highly recommend selecting to pick up your bird on Saturday or Sunday as those dates have the lowest pick-up numbers at this point. Arrive early and inquire if we can weigh a bird close to your ideal range. We appreciate your patience and understanding, and we will do our best. 

Please call Underground Butcher (608) 338-3421 with any questions. 

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