Q: Do I remove the casing from my salami?

A: Removing the casing is completely optional. The casing themselves are edible and do contribute to the flavor of the product. If you prefer to remove it, do so by scoring the salami lengthwise, and peel to remove. 

Q: How long will my salami last?

A: Our meats are shelf stable. This means that they do not require refrigeration. However, the products keep best in refrigeration and will maintain best eating quality this way. We recommend consuming within one month. 


Q: What is the white powder?

A: A powdery dusting of benign white mold helps to cure the salami evenly while fending off bad bacteria. It is safe to eat, or can be removed before eating.


Q: How should I store my salami?

A: We recommend refrigerating them in butcher paper or a plastic bag to keep them from drying out or oxidizing. They will last months this way. Meats are tastiest when consumed within one month, thinly sliced and served at room temperature. 

Q: How do I serve it?

A: We have many ideas when it comes to this. 


• slicing the salami thinly and serving it alongside cheese, pickles and other accoutrements

• they make a great addition to most sandwiches too! Try grilled cheese to start!


• products are great to utilize in many different dishes. Add as a salty component to vegetable dishes or salads. 

• Chorizo is a wonderful addition to paella, seafood stew, and other tomato-based dishes. 

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Q: Nitrates vs Nitrites - Tell me everything. 

A: We make use of synthetically derived nitrites and nitrates in our products. This ensures quality, safety, and straightforward regulatory compliance. Frankly, it is the safest production technique out there.