Turkey Prep Course • Sun 11/23 • 2pm-5pm

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Turkey Prep Course • Sun 11/23 • 2pm-5pm


We want to share the knowledge! 

Jonny Hunter will be covering multiple techniques on how to prepare the tastiest turkey this Thanksgiving. He will go over at least 3 different ways to roast the bird, how to make a homemade brine, how to brine the bird, and how to make the best dessert ever for the holidays. 

Feel free to bring your holiday bird! Jonny can help you prep it as you wish for the holiday. For sure bring a notebook; many cooking techniques and tips will be helpful beyond just turkeys.  

Participants will make and take home:

• stuffing

• gravy

• stock

• brine kit

There will also be time for questions - Jonny can weigh in on dishes you make regularly and toss in any new ideas for this year's preparation.

Turkeys are for sale from Underground Butcher (link here), and if you purchase a bird for the class, just shoot us an email at admin@undergroundfoodcollective with your name and references to your order confirmation numbers, and we'll be sure to have it brought to the commissary for the class start time. Pick the weight of the bird you'd like, and just pick any date for pick-up (we'll ignore that once you email us with your order info).


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