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We don't believe in set menus because what tastes good varies from season to season and from year to year. And rather than produce food for an abstract client, we like to tailor our meals to the tastes and interests of those we're cooking for. This also allows us to have a great amount of flexibility in creating menus. We can create a menu that is vegetarian or uses sustainable meat products. It is very easy for us to work around dietary restrictions and preferences.

When we plan an event we ask, "What is available this time of year?" and "What kind of foods do you like? Tell us about a meal you've really enjoyed". After you contact us about an event we like to sit down with you and talk about the event, get some details out but also understand the mood that you are trying to create for an event. We have found that this approach produces the best experiences for both our clients and for us. While what we cook is constantly changing, how we cook has stayed pretty much the same: with excitement and passion.

We are able to cater in a diverse number of locations. Whether it is a space that has a fully equipped kitchen or a rural farm with no electricity we are able to work within an environment. We have the equipment that allows us to build a functional outdoor kitchen that allows for us to create elegant dishes as if they were from our own kitchen.

Our prices vary enormously. We've done events from $200 to $20,000. Some of our clients like very relaxed simple events; others want a dining experience like they would have in a fine restaurant. We are comfortable providing both -- and just about anything in between.

Tell us a bit more about the event you're planning. Please include the below information in an email addressed to catering@undergroundfoodcollective.org

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Also, feel free to give us a call at 608.338.1527 with other questions.