Scram Bike Courier Service teams up with Underground Butcher

Scram Bike Courier Service teams up with Underground Butcher

Underground Butcher is pairing with Scram Couriers to bring our products to you. Monday through Friday, 11AM - 5PM.

Here are some of the services we're offering: 

-got a business lunch coming up or just need a bunch of sandwiches? Call and schedule in advance- we'll have them dropped to you on the date and time of your choice (10-20 sandwiches needs 24 hr notice. More than 20 needs a few days notice). 

-haven't got time to stop at the shop on the way home from work? Call the shop and place a same-day order so that we can bring you the products you'll need to cook dinner without having to make the stop. Delivery time 1 to 2 hrs. Order before 3pm

-see an online post of something that we may have a limited count on? Call and we can have Scram drop it off at your office... or your home... wherever you'll be approximately 2 hrs later. 

-we're working on smaller same-day sandwich deliveries. call the shop and we can send a sandwich to you same day. 11am to 3pm

Call the Underground Butcher (608 338 3421) to place your order.

Check out the Underground Butcher on Facebook and Instagram (@undergroundbutcher) for sandwiches menus and specials. 

*$6 flat delivery fee [roughly Olbrich/Milwaukee St/Commercial St. on the East and west Campus /zoo on the West]